How Do I Choose A Real Estate Agent?

When selling your property it’s crucial to select an agent you feel
confident and comfortable with. The correct choice will result in a
stress-free sale, minimising your time and getting maximum results.

There are so many agents –how on earth do you choose one?

  1.  Do your own research. It’s easy to jump on the internet and Google the real estate company you are thinking of using. Most companies will have a page of testimonials from previous clients, as well as a profile for each agent.
  2. Drop into your local branch to speak to someone in person.
  3. Interview a few agents and inquire about current market conditions, what they think your home will fetch, what makes them different from any other sales agent, the costs involved and how they would market your home. Choose the person you feel most comfortable with and gives you a realistic price on what your home is worth. Never select an agent based on fees. If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.
Choose an agent who works for a company you know and trust – the reputation and available resources of a company are important.

What should I expect from the agent I choose?

You should be provided with:

  1. Comprehensive information about the state of the current market and what houses are selling for in your local area. This will help you ensure you list your home to sell, not just for sale.
  2. Advice on the best way to sell your property. Whether it’s by auction, negotiation or tender your agent will be explain the pro’s and con’s of each method and help you decide which technique is most suitable for your property and your situation.
  3. A well thought out marketing plan. This should cover items like professional photography, signage, online marketing, leaflets and flyers, print advertising, open homes and auction dates if applicable.
  4. Tips on presenting your home. A well presented home will attract more interest and help you get maximum dollar. Your salesperson should be able to advise you on the key things buyers look for in a property.